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The History of Engraving in our tradition

A number of the companions of Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) had engravings on their rings. Abdullah ibn Omar had his name engraved on his ring, Hudhayfah and Abu Ubaydah had Alhamdulilah on theirs. Imam Ali’s ring had Allah Al-Malik, Allah the Sovereign (other sources mention it read, ‘Allah is the Master of the Kingdom’, or similar). 
Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain also had their rings engraved, with Al-Hasan’s reading: ‘Verily, All honour (as a whole) belongeth (only) to God’, and al-Hussains: ‘Verily God accomplisheth His purpose.’ 

As Iman was born out of a desire to express our beliefs and shared values, the engravings we have designed are of huge importance to us as a brand. We have specifically chosen words with beautiful and profound meaning.
We worked with calligraphers to come up with the perfect engraved item.
These are words that are central to our brand. Whilst many items have one engraving, some of our items can have two engravings - one on either side. Sabr and Tawakkul are an example of this. The idea that you have put your trust in the Almighty and have patience in his plan for you.