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How our star was born….


“Iman is a luxury jewellery brand that was born out of a desire to wear jewellery that represents who I am! A search for something meaningful, personal and inspiring to wear, while still being fashionable and current.”

Founder, Julia Coovadia, wanted to bring western and contemporary aesthetic and marry it with Islam, the richness of Islamic history and her pride in being a Muslim. While not all the pieces are religiously significant, it is her many years living in the Middle East that have resulted in Iman. Julia’s love of Islamic history, language, design and Middle Eastern cultural lessons have gone into the making of each unique piece.

“For me, the message and significance of the piece is ultimately more precious than the metal or stones. I like wearing jewellery as a reminder of what is important to me.“

Iman is a demi-fine range. Demi-fine bridges the gap between high street jewellery and aspirational fine jewellery. It means that all our pieces are made using sterling silver, with the option of expert gold or rose gold plating, and include only precious and semi-precious stones.

“At our core we believe in uncompromising quality in every part of the process. This means that every item will be timeless, gorgeous and accessible.”

“Some of the most treasured of my personal jewellery collection are silver pieces passed down to me from my grandmother. Pieces which my daughter will one day be given.”

At Iman each item has been carefully considered and our hope is that for all special occasions, gifts and personal spoils you think of us first. “On a personal note, to be able to design and manufacture items for this community has been a joy! ALHAMDULILLAH. Your kindness and generosity of spirit is an inspiration. Shukran always for all your support.” FYI -Why we love our star shape

 This beautiful shape is otherwise known as the “khatam” in Islamic cultures. It is found throughout the Islamic world across mediums, from art to architecture and more. Ian Alexander, on his website of natural patterns, refers to it as the “sufi star”

“The form is symbolized by the square.”
The two square shapes together symbolize the cycle of creation, the “breath of the compassionate.” Of the 99 names for Allah in the Islamic tradition, The Compassionate is the highest name.

“Amidst the colour and composition, the star – khatam - stands as a symbol of early astronomy, interconnectedness, and faith in the ultimate harmony of creation. In this way, it represents the highest virtues in culture: learning, community, faith and love of beauty.” Dorje Norbu