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Our ring collection, like our other jewellery, is founded on our beautifully simple and elegant signet rings, where we have taken great care with every detail.

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The History of Engraving Rings

A number of the companions of Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) had engravings on their rings. Abdullah ibn Omar had his name engraved on his ring, Hudhayfah and Abu Ubaydah had Alhamdulilah on theirs. Imam Ali’s ring had Allah Al-Malik, Allah the Sovereign. (other sources mention it read, Allah is the Master of the Kingdom or similar). 

Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain also had their rings engraved, with Al-Hasan’s reading: ‘Verily, All honour (as a whole) belongeth (only) to God’, and al-Hussains: ‘Verily God accomplisheth His purpose.’ 

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