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Our first collection, “Dhikr Discs” are simple yet significant pendants. We have taken great care to produce a beautiful finish with inspirational words that are significant, and that have been chosen for their meaning and powerful messages. Working closely with calligraphers has added to the aesthetic. These make the perfect item to wear everyday or to spoil loved ones with. We have purposely kept the design simple so that items can be left on and paired with more elaborate pieces. The Dhikr Discs are Iman’s “blue jeans”. 

Our discs are at the heart of Iman’s classic and timeless look. They’re beautiful in their simplicity and are perfect for just about anyone, man or woman, boy or girl. 

We have a selection of discs with brand values that inspired our range, such as our Shukr, Sabr, Tawakkul, Habb, the Kaaba Coordinates and specific meaningful verses.

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